Max and Adele’s Golden Anniversary Celebration

On January 4, 1987, Paul Gass hosted a large party to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of his parents, Max Gass and Adele Korff Gass. The occasion also marked the 78th birthday of Max. The festivities were videotaped, and four segments of the videotape which captured the flavor of the occasion are posted on this website.

The first segment consists of the photography session before the party got underway. Adele and Max are posing with Paul and their daughter-in-law, Judy, and their granddaughters.

The second part begins with Adele’s brother, Rabbi Baruch Korff, posing with Max and holding a photograph taken at Max and Adele’s wedding in 1937. The photo shows from left to right: Rabbi Baruch Korff, Grand Rabbi Twersky, Max Gass, Grand Rabbi Jakob Korff, Grand Rabbi (?) from New York, Samuel Gass (Max’s father), and Rabbi Samuel I. Korff.

In this segment also are scenes with the Korff extended family, the entrance of Max and Adele to the reception, a welcome from Paul, and a speech by Betty Berkowitz, one of Adele’s sisters.

The third part consists of a speech given by Baruch Korff.

The fourth segment gives greetings from some of Adele’s other siblings, nieces, nephews, and their spouses. It begins with the sons of Adele’s deceased brother Rabbi Samuel Korff (David and Joe) and their wives. There are also a variety of table shots.

A birthday cake with lighted candles is brought out to Max. Listen carefully to Max’s reflections before he blows out the flames. This little speech truly reflects the essence of the man.